Now that our evenings and mornings are considerably darker, the rate of burglaries will sadly increase. Burglary is particularly prevalent over the festive period, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to keep your business and employees safe.

Here’s our winter security checklist:

Check your locks

You’ll likely be aware if one of your locks isn’t functioning properly, however, it’s a good idea to regularly check each access point on your premises to see if there are any weak points you’re not aware of. If you do notice a problem, you’ll need to call a locksmith to either service or replace your locks.

Here’s how to check:

  • Test it – Doors you don’t use very often such as back doors and side entry doors should be checked to make sure they work and are in good condition. Checking before it becomes a bigger problem will help you avoid getting locked out or locked in or not being able to lock the door at all.

  • Clean your locks – Removing dirt and grime will help keep your locks in good condition to avoid rusting and ensure they function properly.

  • Upgrade old locks – Some locks may have been on your door for decades meaning they aren’t as strong or efficient as they once were. Throughout the years they will have faced weathering, burglary attempts and general wear and tear so it’s wise to replace them.

  • Install additional locks – You can add greater levels of security such as a chain, sash jammer or a mortice to put your mind at ease.

Check your outdoor lights

Outdoor lights work as a deterrent by ensuring there are no dark areas for unwanted visitors to hide. You can use smart lighting that uses sensors to alert you whenever someone passes by your property. These can help you save energy, deter burglars and have a longer lifespan than regular lighting. Combined with CCTV, it will reduce the risk of burglary and criminal activity, so check each light on the outside of your building and ensure they are in good working condition.

Check your access control systems

The best solution for keeping your property secure is to install an electronic access control system. This means you no longer need traditional keys and you can rely on a system that is much more efficient and secure. Using an electronic access control system means that keys are protected against duplication, they can be easily disabled if lost, enables management and tracking of keys and offers a greater level of security. This means you are able to control who goes in and out so it’s important you check this is functioning as it should be. Does everybody’s key work? Are doors locking properly after use?

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