Have you noticed that a key you own is a restricted key? This means it may have “do not copy” or “do not duplicate” stamped or engraved on it. In some cases, this is simply an attempt to stop people from copying keys and ending up with extras out in the world. If the key is patent protected, however, that changes things.

What Is a Restricted Key?

A key that is patent protected is illegal to copy unless you have special permission. This is designed to keep the key from being freely cut and limits access to the lock it works in.

Restricted keys are usually cut with specialty equipment, so not just anyone can make them. The keys are difficult to get and can be impossible to duplicate without the right equipment. They’re commonly used for landlords who want to be sure no one else will have access to the space.

Why Use Restricted Keys?

Unlike unrestricted keys, security keys are meant to be one and only. Regular keys can easily be copied by anyone with a key cutting machine. This means you can lose a key and it will become a security issue. Anyone copying your keys can easily get into your home, which is certainly not something you want to be out there.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, a security key is a good investment. It costs more than the average key but gives you that extra level of protection.

Will a Locksmith Copy a Restricted Key?

Most locksmiths will not duplicate a restricted key on principle, but they also can’t do so unless they have the equipment and permission from the manufacturer of the key. In order to have a locksmith copy a restricted key, you’ll need to get permission from the manufacturer or owner of the patent and then take that to the locksmith. You also need to choose a locksmith who is authorised to make the duplicate.

The locksmith not only needs the specialty equipment, but they also need authorisation and experience. It’s not easy to cut a restricted or security key and it’s easy to ruin the key if you don’t have the proper experience working with the machinery.

If you’re looking for the best security possible, you want a restricted key. However, you should also make sure you know where you can get them cut if you need an extra one for safekeeping. That locksmith will be needed should anything happen to your spare key.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup key, particularly when it’s a specialty one. If you need your restricted key copied, contact William Channon to learn more.