St Peter’s Church, a bustling and vibrant community hub in North London, encountered significant security challenges. The church’s crypt, frequented by various community users and hirers, was compromised by a lack of key control, leading to unauthorised access incidents and concerns over staff and guest safety.

The Challenge:

The church faced the dual challenge of updating its security infrastructure while maintaining control over key distribution. The existing system not only posed a security risk but also affected the staff’s sense of safety, impacting the overall environment of the church.

Initial Assessment:

Upon contact, William Channon undertook a meticulous door-by-door survey of the church premises. This comprehensive assessment not only focused on the key control issue but also identified necessary improvements to an emergency escape door, ensuring compliance with EN 1125 standards.

Proposed Solution:

To address the church’s specific needs, William Channon proposed the ASSA Abloy eCLIQ cylinder solution with local software management. This system was chosen for its advanced security features, flexibility in key management, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal fit for the church’s requirements and budget constraints.


The implementation involved the strategic installation of the ASSA Abloy eCLIQ system, which was tailored to provide a scalable and efficient key management solution. The system was set up with local software management, empowering the church with the ability to directly control and monitor access.


Enhancing Compliance and Safety:

In addition to the key control system, William Channon addressed compliance issues by upgrading the emergency escape door. This not only ensured adherence to safety regulations but also reinforced the overall security and integrity of the church premises.

Outcome and Benefits:

The new eCLIQ system revolutionised the church’s approach to security and key management. It enabled precise control over access permissions, reducing the risk of unauthorised entry and enhancing the sense of safety among staff and guests. The system’s local management capability offered the church autonomy in managing access, further boosting security efficiency.

Client Testimonial:

“The introduction of the ASSA Abloy eCLIQ system by William Channon was a pivotal solution for our security concerns. It perfectly aligned with our functional needs and budget. The enhanced control over access and compliance upgrades have greatly improved our staff’s wellbeing and the overall security of our premises. We wholeheartedly endorse William Channon’s services and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Why William Channon?

“Our decision to work with William Channon was influenced by a recommendation from another company. We were particularly impressed by their cost-effective approach. The time eCLIQ system they proposed perfectly aligned with our goal of maintaining a flourishing and secure environment for our staff and guests, all within a manageable budget.”

Why this product?

“As a charitable organisation, budget constraints are always a consideration for us. The fob system, while attractive, was beyond our financial reach. The timed eCLIQ system emerged as the ideal solution, offering similar functionality at a cost that suited our budget. This system not only met our security needs but also aligned with our financial realities.”