Security is something that should NEVER be taken lightly.

Domestic properties and commercial and business premises are, to a certain degree, always at risk from the opportunistic.

That the risk increases during the darker months on the calendar means that now, more than ever, it is imperative to ensure that all steps have been taken to keep intruders out.

Research suggests that a 20 percent rise in home burglaries is imminent in the UK.

The dark months offer increased opportunities for those out to exploit shortcomings.

Yet the situation is not as bleak as it might at first appear.

For one thing as highlighted during National Home Security Month, another successful initiative that has come to an end in recent days those determined to stop criminals in their tracks are both plentiful and professional. For another, the products that are available to make properties and premises as safe and secure as possible have never been better.

Yale, Abloy, Chubb and more, we stock nothing but the most effective products on the market. The burglars in our midst might not thank us for this but our clients and customers do. Their homes and businesses are more secure than most. For them the dark months are not to be feared.

For everyone else and in particular, for those blasé about burglaries – the risk is real.

Statistics suggest that once the clocks are turned back, the opportunities for theft increase. Now, during the period around Halloween, Bonfire Night and in the run up to Christmas, opportunistic intruders are more active than ever. The average cost of a (domestic) winter break-in is more than £1700. In the UK criminals manage to gain access to a home or a car EVERY SEVEN SECONDS. Some 72 percent of all recorded crime is property-related. You need to take this seriously.

The good thing is that we’re here to help. Free advice and surveys are available to get the ball rolling and our product range is designed to be effective, affordable and long-lasting.

Our experience is also invaluable. Let’s be honest here: Our team have seen rather a few winters between them, but that means we know what we’re talking about!

It’s that experience (and expertise) that we’re keen to put at YOUR disposal, before it’s too late. The darker months are upon us again. Don’t take security lightly.