Security is paramount for any business, it’s vital you ensure the safety and security of both your assets and your employees. Investing in effective security systems is wise for any size business, whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees. Access control systems can help your business work more efficiently, save you money and keep your workplace secure.

If you’re still on the fence about implementing access control systems, here’s how they can benefit your business:

Improved ease of access

Access control systems allow great functionality because you are able to ‘set and forget’ who has access to certain areas of your business. Each employee’s key will be set to allow them to access the right areas and ensure no one is able to get into areas they shouldn’t. Staff are able to gain access much quicker and don’t need to request access.

Get rid of traditional keys

Traditional keys have several drawbacks, making access control systems much more beneficial. If certain areas are restricted, this means that it requires extra keys for certain people. If you have a large building, this means a lot more keys. Individuals such as caretakers will need multiple keys for different areas resulting in a bulky key ring or a lot of time spent finding the right key. Furthermore, you can save money on getting keys cut and locksmith repairs.

Protect against unwanted visitors

A large company opens the opportunity for unwanted visitors to enter undetected. The major benefit of an access control system is that it provides you with more security and prevents unauthorised personnel from gaining entry. The door will only unlock if the correct credentials have been given which means that everyone on site is supposed to be there, even if you don’t recognise them.

Create a safer work environment

Access control systems provide multiple layers of safety to ensure your employees feel comfortable and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. This includes ensuring only authorised people can gain entry but also aids exit during an emergency. In the case of an emergency such as a fire, all doors controlled by the access control system will unlock, helping everyone make a swift escape. Traditional door locks will take longer to get open and may mean staff have to stop multiple times to unlock the door. This is much more dangerous and can prevent people from being able to exit the building quickly.

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