Planning to take a trip this Easter?

It’s the perfect time for getting away, recharging the batteries and taking a break from it all.

There’s nothing better than a little spring sunshine.

There’s nothing worse than returning to find that burglars have struck.

Intruders LOVE unoccupied properties and are much likelier to attempt to break in if it’s obvious that no-one is at home.

Our advice?

Don’t be afraid. Go on that trip. Take a break. Recharge those batteries.

Just be certain that, prior to departure, your home is as safe and secure as it’s possible to be.


Get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the place.

Give the illusion that someone is home (use timer switches to operate lights, for instance, and make arrangements to stop the post piling up).

Secure precious items in the safe.

Set the alarm.

For those preparing to take an extended break, it’s always a good idea to ask an expert to evaluate the home for potential weak points.

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It’s just common sense really . . .

To take our advice on board is to ensure peace of mind.

To leave things to chance is to risk considerable upset that could forever cast a cloud over those holiday memories.

Recent research from MoneySuperMarket suggests that, although the focus tends to be on protecting precious items from intruders, the greatest damage is often to the victim’s long-term emotional wellbeing.

Studies suggest one in eight break-in victims never recover emotionally, with paranoid thoughts persisting long after the event and an underlying sense of vulnerability never going away. Victims are left feeling ‘angry, shocked and upset’, whilst 14% of those questioned admitted to leaving lights on at night as a direct consequence of the crime.

This is what we’re trying to guard against. No-one should experience such torment.

Easter is almost upon us and it is the perfect time for getting away, recharging the batteries and taking a break from it all.

But please take our advice. For your sake, for your peace of mind, secure your home first.

Happy Easter.