For anyone interested in security, the internet has become an invaluable resource in recent times . . .

Never before has it been quite so simple to keep abreast of developments, track trends and ensure that, when it comes to tackling crime, attitudes and efforts are both up to date and fit for purpose.

Experts from all over the field are those prominent in our industry, for example, as well as police forces, Government bodies, insurers, journalists, manufacturers and even those unfortunate enough to have experienced crime at first hand – continue to contribute to the growing knowledge pool.

The result? Our understanding of crime and those responsible for it is greater than ever before . . .

To be forewarned is to be forearmed and recognising the risks makes it easier for us all to avoid falling foul. To remain one step ahead is always our aim. This is of the utmost importance.

Thanks to the team at Yale, who used their social media channels to share an interesting article a little earlier this week, we feel we’re up to date with the latest tactics that are being employed on the streets. Based on research from Privilege Home Insurance the piece in question identified five ‘tricks’ that burglars are using to target vulnerable properties and maximise their gains. In helping to spread the message further, it’s our hope that opportunities can be curtailed.

The tactics outlined are as follows:

1) Metal detectors are being used, enabling intruders to locate items of jewelry that have been hidden around the home. This method means burglars are able to find valuables faster and make good their escape. Our advice: invest in a decent safe and be sure to use it.

2) Burglars are carrying pre-addressed Cash-for-Gold envelopes. This means that stolen goods can be cashed in much more quickly, making precious items harder to recover and reducing the chances of those responsible being caught. Our advice: as above, lock up all valuables.

3) Having identified vulnerable properties, burglars are continuing to mark their targets using stickers that are attached to front doors. These often purport to advertise a 24-hour locksmith, but the business is bogus. Our advice: remove stickers, ensure the premises are secure and consult an expert.

4) Thefts from garages are becoming commonplace, with burglars able to prise open doors that have a single central lock. Getting into the garage is often a means to an end, enabling an intruder to gain access to the house. Our advice: Identify security weaknesses and address them as soon as possible.

5) The final thing to be aware of is called ‘Apple Picking’. Criminals (often on bikes) lurk outside properties, waiting for someone to come out. Items (mobile phones, bags etc) are snatched before the victim realises what is happening. Our advice: be aware at all times, especially when using a phone.

Criminals are forever coming up with new tactics, as we’ve discussed before. But so too are those dedicated to fighting crime . . .

In that fight, the internet has given us, as a community, a formidable weapon.

Yes, burglars have their ‘tricks’. But so too do we.