It’s almost time . . .

For the clocks to go back. For darker evenings. For criminals to capitalise on increased opportunities. For National Home Security Month 2014.

These things all go together.

The first three ought to prompt us all to be on our guard. The fourth – an initiative designed to assist us in this regard, is a cause for celebration.

NHSM, first held in 2013, is Yal’s bright idea. Intended to help protect homes, families and properties across the UK, the mission is clear . . .

To make the general population more security-conscious. To limit opportunities for intruders. To encourage people to secure their homes. To prevent the distress that being burgled causes.

To quote from the supporting literature, Once the clocks go back, the criminals come out, with statistics showing a 20% increase in home burglaries during the darker months’.

This is an issue that those behind NHSM are anxious to address. In this, we’re keen to lend our support.

Not enough people take such things seriously, so anything that can create greater awareness and, as the NHSM team put it, make homeowners more ‘security savvy’ has to be a good thing.

It’s our intention to redouble our efforts during the forthcoming campaign, which has been divided into five weeks, each with a distinct theme. These are:

– Week One: Crime in YOUR local area.

– Week Two: Securing doors and windows.

– Week Three: Protecting valuables in the home.

– Week Four: Securing outdoor areas.

– Week Five: Home security in the future.

These are topics that contribute to our understanding of security, crime and those responsible for it. That knowledge is power means that, with greater understanding, prevention becomes easier.

Here at William Channon, we’ll be looking at these issues in greater depth in forthcoming posts on our blog. We’ll also be sharing updates and information from the NHSM team on our Twitter feed (@WilliamChannon) so please be sure to follow.

NHSM is scheduled to start on September 29th and the clocks go back on October 26th . . .

In the meantime, if anyone needs help or advice about home security, please be sure to get in touch.