For anyone determined to keep their properties and premises safe and secure, we’ve long advocated an investment in our electronic and electromechanical cylinder systems.

Designed to meet all modern needs, their features are myriad and their benefits beyond question.

Controlling access, managing authorisations and much more besides, we can commission and install the latest products from the top manufacturers in the business security market.

Cost-effective, flexible and future-proof, it’s no great surprise that such solutions prove so popular.

But what about those who are keen to take one step further?

Go the extra mile, the saying goes. It’s never crowded.

For those so minded, we’ve created a new package that might be of interest.

Quite simply, it’s called Maximum Security.

Combining the latest electronic/electromechanical cylinder systems and the most-effective secure asset cabinets in our product range, this is a bespoke package that can be tailor-made to meet your precise, unique and specific requirements.

One size fits all it is not. But what is involved, what is included and what are the benefits?

The short answer to this is that it’s up to you.

This isn’t an off-the-shelf solution but a bundle assembled after detailed consultation and careful consideration.

Like to see the products available and put them through their paces?

Demonstrations can always be organised with no obligation to order.

That high-level security alone is not enough is something that we understand here. Solutions/systems must be flexible and simple to use. For everything that we commission and install, full training and ongoing support is provided as standard.

So to the features and aforementioned advantages: making the right keys available to the right people at the right times; improving the security, reliability and profitability of your business; providing a detailed audit trail and thorough monitoring; ensuring all assets are visible at all times, with information relayed in real time, these are just the highlights.

Managing access remotely, from afar; doors that can be opened using a smartphone or other such device, with keys/access sent via the internet; key cards that can be reprogrammed, updated and replaced, time and time again; intelligent key cabinets and locker systems for all applications; the bottom line, that whatever you need, we can provide.

The latest systems at your fingertips. Intelligent and advanced. Cost-effective and flexible. Simple to install and to use. The extra mile. Maximum Security.

Like to find out more? Drop us a line and we’ll run through the options . . .

Like a brochure or to arrange a free product demonstration? Tell us a little more about your needs and we’ll outline the most suitable solutions and start to put together a package.

Tailor-made to meet your precise, unique and specific requirements. This is Maximum Security.