For anyone whose business is home security, the number one challenge is keeping intruders out . . .

In the main, this is about ensuring that locks are effective and up-to-date, that the relevant devices are installed and operational and that basic crime prevention principles are being applied.

Got an alarm? Be sure to set it. Doors and windows? Keep them locked. Going away? Take all precautions. Really, it’s not a complicated business.

To keep intruders out is to keep cherished possessions safe. But what if, for whatever reason, a burglar is able to gain access?

This is a question we ask having read a report suggesting that, when it comes to keeping valuables safe, most people tend to hide them in the sock drawer. Trust us: this is not the answer.

Most burglars aren’t stupid and, if cash and expensive items can be discovered so simply, they’ll be sure to find them. For the record, under the bed, on top of the wardrobe and beneath the sink (and these are all, according to research, popular hiding places) are no better.

To keep valuables safe and a home secure is to make life as difficult as possible for those bent on exploiting vulnerabilities. Much about this is common sense. To quote the slogan from a marketing campaign that Yale are running at the moment, THINK LIKE A THIEF.

Bottom line: if you’d look in a drawer or under a bed for valuables, they’ll look there too.

Unfortunately, research suggests that 51% of homeowners in the UK do leave precious items in obvious places . . .

‘This research is proof that we do need to get smarter when protecting our valuables’ said Gareth Lane, from the insurer ‘Locking windows and doors and storing valuables in a secure place are just a few things that we can do to help prevent a burglary. The harder we make it for the thief to gain access the easier it is ensure that your home and its contents stay as safe and secure as possibl’.

More than anything else, this boils down to a little time, a little thought and a little common sense . . .

Careful planning. Taking advice. Doing some research. It isn’t difficult and it doesn’t need to cost the Earth. The basic premise behind all things security-wise is this: the harder we can make it for criminals, the less likely we are to fall victim to them.

Here at William Channon, we can provide EVERYTHING that is required to make a home (and its contents) as secure as possible. This includes supplying something suitable for keeping precious items safe . . .

Domestic safes are VERY effective these days and w’re delighted to be in a position to offer our customers the best available products. The Chubb Elements range is the one we use the most, although we can also offer safes from most major manufacturers.

Chubb’s safes offer different levels of protection (Air, Water, Earth and Fire), which enables the customer to choose the product that best suits their needs. Chubb have been in the business even longer than us (since 1818, in fact). Their motto – that ‘keeping your cash and valuables safe from harm is our number one priority’ – is one that can be backed up by almost 200 years of experience. We put our trust in products such as these and, although we always advise customers to consult their insurer before selecting a safe, this is where we recommend keeping valuables and other cherished items.

To think like a thief is to realise that investing in a decent safe makes life VERY difficult for an intruder. Ther’s not much doubt about it: it DEFINITELY beats the sock drawer!