It stands to reason that intruders don’t like CCTV systems . . .

Theirs is a pursuit, after all, that requires secrecy, stealth and a knack for operating undetected.

Encountering a camera throws a burglar’s plans into disarray, often prompting the protagonist to reconsider his targets.

It’s for this reason that w’re thinking about adding a domestic CCTV system to our product range. Research suggests that CCTV is VERY effective in safeguarding the home. Yet despite it being commonplace in securing business and commercial premises, when it comes to residential properties, CCTV is still quite rare in the UK.

During a recent survey, Which? polled almost 1,300 members on this subject. Just five percent used CCTV to protect their homes.

It isn’t for everyone, we understand that, but with research revealing that domestic properties that have an effective CCTV system installed are 90% less likely to be burgled, this did surprise us. In the fight against crime, we must consider all the weapons available to us. It seems not much strikes fear into an intruder quite as much as a camera’s relentless glare.

CCTV works on different levels, the ultimate one being preventative. Installing cameras – and making potential intruders aware that they’re there – is perhaps the greatest deterrent. Most burglars steer clear as a matter of course having identified the house that has CCTV as a risk that’s just not worth taking. To put intruders off before they’ve even begun is to beat burglars hands down. But supposing someone does break in, what then?

To have a CCTV system that is of sufficient quality (and, like all our products, w’re interested in nothing but the best) is to have a record of EXACTLY what occurred. Identifying the offender is just the first step. Footage can also be used in court, increasing conviction rates and the chances of recovering stolen goods.

CCTV is, of course, just one line of defence. But combined with other recommended measures, your home can be your castle. This last part is a line borrowed from Abus, the long-established German manufacturer, whose systems w’re interested in introducing.

This is a product range that has countless benefits. It’s quick and simple to install and operate. It uses multiple cameras. It’s digital, wireless and offers mobile access. Its features include continuous recording, scheduled operation and motion detection. It provides an effective home surveillance system. Burglars don’t like it.

This last point is important because, whenever it comes to evaluating anything security-related, their opinion counts . .

So intruders don’t like CCTV systems?

That’s all we need to know.

Interested in using CCTV to help secure YOUR home? Give us a call and w’ll outline all the options.