Watchlock – A unique new product from Mul-T-Lock combines one of their traditional high security padlocks with GPS signalling, to allow tracking of location and status.

The addition of an external GPS module provides real time positioning and cellular connectivity to advise whether a padlock has been opened, closed, at what time, and where.

Although it’s target market may be hazy, this product seems to offer advantages and solutions to movement of shipping containers, plant and machinery, portable security or cash boxes, and possibly even road going vehicles.

The GPS module requires a data SIM card to fulfill it’s roll, and the padlock’s location is viewed via a secure online portal. The portal provides a wealth of information on the padlock’s use, and offers immediate or scheduled report  generation as required.

One further development allows Watchlock to be used with a CLIQ enabled padlock, providing control over access and audit trail facilities.

This is an interesting, although not entirely obvious, progression in the world of physical security – and one well worth watching!