It was a late Friday night and Martin from Safehinge was having a snack.  A few seconds later the eureka moment struck and before long he was filming “a what happened to the peanut butter lid when he tried to trap it in the hinge gap caused when the door opened”.

Philip was equally excited when he saw the clip.  They had both realised at that point that it wasn’t possible to trap something round in a hinged door.

This is a true story and was how ALUmini – the no-compromise finger guard for doors from Safehinge – began its life.

Rewind the clock a few weeks and Safehinge had been carrying out a detailed Voice of Customer (VOC) exercise to understand why there were so many different finger guards on the market (close to 20!!).  After much discussion with caretakers, bursars, architects and contractors the reason was clear: all the finger guards on the market had made a compromise and the perfect solution was still to be created.  Some were slim, but flexible, risking the finger safety issue they are meant to solve and others were made from plastic that were cheap, but costly over the long term as they suffered limited durability in high traffic buildings like schools.

And so ALUmini was born.  The development is best captured by the following video:

ALUmini is the no-compromise finger guard for doors that meets the requirement of schools, restaurants and public buildings.  How do we know this?  Because you told us.

Don’t just take our word for it, why not ask to see a working sample.  Or better yet, we can install a full size trial unit for you to see the product in its full working glory.

Post by Philip Ross – Safehinge Ltd