The most important thing to understand about crime is that it’s always evolving.

So too is security . . .

This is something that tends to be underlined at events such as IFSEC “ the industry’s largest trade show “ which we were fortunate enough to attend last week.

More than 24,000 people travelled to the ExCeL London, where 650 manufacturers, suppliers and distributers had gathered to demonstrate the latest products and technological developments.

For anyone keen to remain up-to-date in a fast-changing industry, attendance is essential.

Here at William Channon, we’re VERY proud of our heritage. Having been in the business for more than a century, we’re able to call upon expertise that sets us apart from our competitors. That said, we’re experienced enough to understand that our learning is never complete. Crime is changing and so too are the methods available to combat it. Embracing the latest techniques is all-important.

So to IFSEC, where our exhibitors-to-see list included Kaba (and not just for the coffee and croissants), Abloy UK, Abus, Traka and Morse Watchmans.

You might recall from a previous blog that we’re considering adding domestic CCTV kits to our product range, so the chance to get a hands-on demonstration from the Abus team proved invaluable.

In addition to treating us to breakfast, Kaba showed us their c-Lever and TouchGo systems and gave us the chance to discuss some existing projects (these, using Evolo electronic cylinders, still at the proposal stage) that we’ve been working on together in recent times.

It was good to catch up with the team from Abloy, whose recently-opened showroom in London is looking great, whilst Traka and Morse Watchmans gave us something to think about having demonstrated similar products that might help us to fulfill some recent requests that we’ve had from prospective customers interested in key management systems.

Yet again, we left IFSEC bursting with ideas and confident that, when it comes to the latest (and most-effective) products on the market, we’re bang up to date and still at the cutting edge . . .

In order to combat crime and remain one step ahead of those responsible, this is of the utmost importance.

Crime is always evolving, the methods ever changing and becoming more sophisticated . . .

Thanks to our commitment to combining experience and innovation, we’re pleased to report that so too are we.