Increased confidence in the economy has led to a number of new start-up businesses opening across the country, and it is crucial at this optimistic time that companies remain focused on physical protection solutions for their premises, assets and employees.

Whether your office is on a major business park or a small stand-alone unit on the high street, it is vital to secure it against intruders.

Office block security is essential to keep staff safe, protect assets and prevent vandalism.

Access control systems enhance safety and security by restricting access to only those people with the necessary authority. These intelligent systems can be employed to allow visitors access so they can navigate through establishments easily, while allowing staff to gain further access when required.

With an abundance of access control systems available, choosing one can be a daunting task – that’s where we come in, as we are always on hand to offer advice.

We recommend ASSA’s innovative CLIQ range as an intelligent electromechanical locking system to the professional market.

The range is ideal for use in most environments from a single door upwards, and will improve security without the associated cost and complexity of a wired system. The range consists of electronic cylinders in various shapes and sizes and intelligent keys using the CLIQ™ Remote solution – an accessible key control access management system.

CLIQ Remote centralises commercial security systems, allowing administrators to manage multiple locations from one remote site, enabling an immediate response to incidents.

ASSA’s CLIQ electromechanical cylinder range is scalable to any size of environment due to its simple wire-free design, so it can easily be upgraded.

The CLIQ range can help organisations deal with a wide variety of security problems. For example, a high staff turnover can lead to unauthorised copies of keys and an unknown number of keys in distribution, both within and outside the organisation.

A copied or lost key is an immediate security threat, and replacing lock cylinders and keys (with the associated administrative work) can be highly resource-intensive.

Some organisations have hundreds of employees, so benefit from master key systems with patented key control, which restricts duplication if keys are lost or stolen.

Systems like ASSA CLIQ Remote help to minimise administrative work, allowing administrators to grant access or to block lost or stolen keys remotely. The keys are equipped with an electronic identity, which renders the key useless when blocked even though it may fit mechanically.

For more information on how the CLIQâ„¢ range can help your business contact us today.