Illusionist and escapologist Harry Houdini always insisted that it was a Birmingham locksmith who gave him “one of the hardest tests” he ever had.

At William Channon, we believe that all cylinders should offer extremely high security and full resistance to any current method of picking (enough to give Houdini a challenge).

That’s why we encourage our customers to invest in ASSA’s dp range, which includes case-hardened drill resistant inserts, false gate positions for increased anti-picking protection and a unique patented sidebar mechanism with force-controlled sidecode function.

Not only that, but ASSA’s dp range offers keys that are fully protected by new international patents against unauthorised duplication. This ensures that keys can only be cut by authorised locksmiths against a letter of authority and proof of identification making your business safer.

ASSA’s dp 4400 can be included in the same master key system as lower-cost dp 2400 cylinders, allowing the level of security to be tailored to the requirements of each door throughout a building. This permits the creation of a cost-effective solution without compromising security.

ASSA’s dp range has billions of usable differs available worldwide, ensuring that every key combination is unique and not repeated anywhere in the world.

Most people only think about their locks and keys in situations of need, but don’t just wait for something bad to happen, upgrade your keys, locks and cylinders today if you think your security could be at all compromised.