Doors are one of those crucial things that we often take for granted. Many companies and buildings rely on doors as a primary security measure. Therefore, it’s important to keep your doors in good health as this will save time and money in the long run.

This article will cover what the plan actually does, what it covers, and who it might benefit.

What Is It?

Think of the Door Hardware Service Plan as a subscription that regularly checks the health and safety of your door security. Rather than having to fork out cash at a later day, this service can identify problems at an earlier stage, before they get worse and cause even more problems. This is a guarantee with there being two service visits per year, including a service report to confirm these checks and to detail any further actions.

What Does It Cover?

First off, this service plan covers ironmongery on timber, steel, aluminium and composite single and double leaf doors. It also includes a fire door and escape door check.

  • Hinges: we check the tightness of the hinge fixings as well as applying a small amount of light machine oil as a lubricant.
  • Overhead Closers: ensuring the wall fixing is tight, that moving parts are lubricated, and that debris is removed all contribute to a safer overhead door closure.
  • Floor Springs: much like overhead closers, moving parts must be lubricated and any debris must be removed.
  • Lockcases: it’s important that lockcases are very tight to avoid any manipulation by burglars. Any debris is also removed and lubrication is added.
  • Cylinders: cylinder spray or graphite is used as a very specific type of lubricant as this is the mechanism responsible for actually latching the door lock.
  • Lever Handles: these are altered to the appropriate tightness for the user.
  • Pull Handles: fixings are tightened if necessary.
  • Intumescent: smoke seals are incredibly important for fire doors so we ensure that these comply with their relevant regulations.
  • Emergency Exit Hardware: ensuring that the exit is clear from obstruction is important, as is ensuring that the exit bar is fastened tightly and that it’s adequately lubricated.

Who Might Need It?

This is an ideal service for commercial as well as for domestic use. Perhaps you’re a security manager whose principal responsibility is the safety of the building and colleagues. Or maybe you’re an estate or facilities manager who is seeking to reduce long-term costs. The same could be true of maintenance managers who are spending a lot of time servicing doors around the building. Either way, this service is useful for a range of people.

William Channon’s Door Hardware Service Plan

As a leader in secure ironmongery solutions since 1917, William Channon can help you regardless of your requirements. If you have any questions about our Door Hardware Service Plan, or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0330 100 5313!