Home security is a must for most – experiencing a break-in can not only mean loss of important and personal belongings but can also destroy your and your family’s confidence. How can you prevent this happening and how can you ensure your family feels safe?

With the growth in technology like Wi-Fi, smartphones and online recording, new emerging technologies are rapidly changing the way we can protect our homes and loved ones, helping us feel secure and battle crime at the same time.

One such product paving the new way in home security technology, is HomeMonitorTM. This innovative new technology allows you to watch over your home, belongings or loved ones from your smartphone, no matter where you may be, ensuring you never have to worry about leaving your home again.

By combining an easy-to-use Wi-Fi camera and free online account, HomeMonitor will not only allow you to connect to your world through the internet and view you camera live whenever you want, but will also provide the ability to record and send instant email alerts whenever the camera detects motion inside or outside your home, day or night.

HomeMonitor is designed to be set up in minutes, not hours, so you can experience instant peace of mind with the intuitive, easy to use system. Plus, unlike any other product, HomeMonitor stores all motion clips to a secure, personal online account completely free for 7 days, with no monthly subscriptions or hidden charges,so should anything untoward happen, you will be alerted and able to see and hear exactly what is going on at the touch of a button.