Do YOU have an intruder alarm?

Really, you should.

The reason? Burglars don’t like them.

It stands to reason. You see, alarms make an intruder’s job much more difficult.

So much more difficult in fact that, for many, just seeing that a house has got an alarm is enough to make them look elsewhere.

To quote our friends at Yale, ‘Burglars bypass houses that require effort.

It’s for that reason that Yal’s excellent Easy-Fit range is an important addition to our growing product catalogue.

The Easy-Fit range, as the name suggests, is suitable for self-installation and is designed to be as simple as possible to fit and operate.

Sometimes, the easiest things can also be the most effective.

Securing a home and keeping criminals at arm’s length doesn’t need to be a complicated business.

In our online store, we have (in stock) two different products (both at a great sale price) . . .

The first, the Easy-Fit Standard, is a basic keypad-operated system that is ideal for flats, terraces and semi-detached homes. The second, the Easy-Fit Telecommunicating System, is that little bit more advanced (users, for instance, receive an automated telephone call should the alarm ever be triggered) but both offer excellent protection for householders keen to tick the main boxes.

Not sure which system to choose? This all depends on YOUR personal requirements (this is something that our team are always on hand to advise upon).

Here at William Channon, it’s our opinion that prevention is better than the cure and, with this in mind, we can’t recommend an alarm enough.

The ultimate deterrent? The research suggests so.

Yale’s studies suggest 12 million consumers in the UK believe an intruder alarm is a deterrent, whilst 85% of police officers polled concur.

The most important people in evaluating this, however, are the burglars themselves. 60% admit that they’d be discouraged from targeting a house should an alarm be visible. This is a statistic that speaks for itself.

Yale’s research suggests that a home that has no alarm is two to three times more likely to be targeted. 60% of attempted burglaries at homes that have an alarm fail.

Take everything here into account and it should be quite clear that installing an alarm is a VERY sensible precaution.

Prevention is better than the cure so, once again, we’ll ask the question:

Do YOU have an intruder alarm?