The audacious £200 million jewel heist that took place in Hatton Garden during the Easter Weekend has underlined one thing that, for a long time now, we’ve been telling our clients and customers.

That thing?

That criminals are canny, intruders enterprising.

That if there’s a weakness or a way in, they’ll find it.

That premises domestic and commercial, large and small, modest and magnificent must be kept as secure as possible in order to keep thieves out.

That more can always be done in order to protect precious and cherished items.

Crimes such as that committed in Hatton Garden (those more akin to a script from a Hollywood blockbuster, that is) are rare because the systems that have been put in place are the best available.

Yet the fact that even these can be bypassed from time to time is something that should make us all stop and think for a moment . . .

About our own properties and premises.

About our own precious and cherished items.

About the lengths criminals might go to in an attempt to steal them.

About the measures we can take in an attempt to stop them.

The Hatton Garden raid required meticulous planning, which (in addition to the value of the goods taken) is what makes it so different to the kinds of crimes that we’re most susceptible to . . .

You see, households and businesses are at more risk from opportunistic intruders than criminal masterminds. That doesn’t mean that the threat should be taken lightly, though.

Indeed, when the temperature begins to rise (as it did during an unseasonably-warm Easter in London), that threat increases.

Doors and windows get left open. Homes unattended. Garden gates unlocked. Tools and ladders left lying around. Householders distracted. Properties and premises unsecured.

This might all seem like small beer but trust us, this is important.

Don’t underestimate such things.

Those who take their security for granted often pay a high price . . .

Not quite £200 million, perhaps, but losing precious and cherished items is not a pleasant business, no matter the scale.

Take it from us, the vulnerable feeling that follows is not one that anybody should experience.

Think about this and then think again about YOUR properties and premises. YOUR beloved items. YOUR attitude to keeping burglars out.

Criminals are canny, intruders enterprising and, if there’s a weakness or a way in, they’ll find it.

Take our advice. Don’t give them the chance.