It’s Week Two of National Home Security Month and the theme is Securing Doors and Windows . . .

This appeals to us a great deal and for rather obvious reasons.

Securing doors and windows is what we’re all about at William Channon. It’s the thing we do best. Something we’re passionate about. Our bread and butter.

For us, anything that encourages more people to start taking home security seriously is to be applauded and it’s a genuine pleasure to help the NHSM team get their important message across.

That message? That homes up and down the UK are vulnerable. That burglars are a ruthless breed. That simple steps can be taken to address such issues and reduce the risks.

Take this statistic, for instance: One in three people admit to leaving a door unlocked when they’re not at home. Talk about making it easy . . .

Burglars don’t need an invitation to take advantage, which means that all possible steps must be taken in order to keep them out. It isn’t just about keeping doors and windows locked, however. It’s also important to make sure that those locks are up to date and fit for purpose.

The latest NHSM research shows that, in 73% of burglaries in the UK, the intruder gained access via a door. This suggests to us that security, as a general rule, isn’t tight enough.

Locking doors is a good start. But it’s just that: a start. You need to take it further.

Just moved house? Be sure to change the locks. Got an ageing home? Upgrade outdated locking systems. Not sure if your existing security is up to scratch? Consult an expert. That’s what we’re here for after all.

Concerned about Lock Snapping? Upgrading Euro Cylinders to meet the TS007 Kitemark Standard is a good idea. Got external timber doors? Fit a mortice lock and night latch that meet the British Standard BS3621. The technical jargon can be baffling. Your local MLA-approved locksmith will explain it all. Here at William Channon, where our expertise is beyond question, advice is free.

The most important thing? Don’t be tempted to cut corners. The average burglar has a keen eye for DIY disasters and bodge jobs. Use a professional. Get it right. Reduce the risks. Keep them out.

Typically, it takes an intruder less than 60 seconds to gain access to the home . . .

This is something that puts it all into perspective for us. You might think your home is secure but it pays to make certain.

Like to discuss YOUR home security? You can always take advantage of our expertise . . .

Securing doors and windows is often the difference between being burgled and not. Trust us on this. It’s the thing we do best. Something we’re passionate about. Our bread and butter.