Lock Snapping, it seems, is on the increase in the UK.

This is a method that more and more intruders are using to gain access to properties, domestic and commercial, in order to commit burglaries.

This isn’t a sophisticated technique – as the name suggests, Lock Snapping involves using force in order to break the cylinder inside the lock, rendering it useless – and it requires no expert knowledge or special tools to master.

Doors that are fitted with Euro Cylinders (in the main, these are used to secure UPVC doors, although they’re often found in composite and aluminium doors also) are at particular risk from Lock Snapping, a practice that has become so common in recent times that several police forces have issued advice in an attempt to make the public aware. This is the bad news.

The good news is that, as prevalent as Lock Snapping appears to have become, it can be combatted rather easily. There are some basic products on the market that have been designed to tackle this particular problem. If a locksmith is worth his salt, h’ll be able to reduce the risks and ensure that YOUR locks cannot be bypassed in such a crude manner.

Our advice echoes the Master Locksmiths Association Guidelines on Lock Snapping . . .

Yes, this is a VERY real threat. But ther’s no need to panic because Lock Snapping is not something to fear. There is a solution and it is a simple one: be aware and take action. This involves nothing more than picking up the phone and calling a trustworthy, skilled and experienced locksmith. Be sure to choose an MLA member because they’ll understand the issues involved.

This might be a simple task but it’s one that calls for expertise and, in order to be effective and to keep intruders out, it must be done professionally.

There are various cylinders that have been engineered to combat Lock Snapping (here at William Channon, we tend to favour the Yale AS range) and, although such products have certain markings to underline their effectiveness (Kitemarks, stars and the like), these can sometimes prove confusing for the layperson. Our advice, once again, is to call upon an expert who understands all the options. Our cylinders meet the TS007 Kitemark Standard, which makes them the ultimate locking product (designed to withstand not just Lock Snapping, but also picking, drilling, plug extraction and bumping). You don’t need to understand all of this, just rest assured that we do and that, in our expert hands, you’re safe and secure. Trust us on this, it’s what we do.

If you are concerned about Lock Snapping (or anything else security-wise), don’t panic . . .

Give our expert team a call on 0330 1005313. W’ll be happy to talk you through all the options and, if necessary, w’ll visit the property in order to evaluate the risks.

Lock Snapping is an increasing problem. But here at William Channon, we have the solution.