Here at William Channon we like to consider ourselves to be both innovative and versatile.

It’s for this reason, perhaps, that ASSA Abloy’s award-winning CLIQ Remote system appeals to us so much.

So far in 2017 we’ve spent much time with the manufacturer and have been working on several fronts to put CLIQ’s countless benefits at the disposal of a broad spectrum of clients.

From a world-renowned hotel in London to a prominent art gallery, we’re also working with a local housing association and on several residential installations and have seen CLIQ’s virtues at first hand in recent weeks and months.

Since accompanying the ASSA team to the Housing Innovation Awards in February, where CLIQ was named the Most Innovative New Product (the shortlisting followed a large-scale installation on behalf of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, with the brief to regain control of void properties, maintain security and keep costs under control), we’ve been hugely impressed with the system’s remarkable adaptability.

Spanning different industries and attractive to clients large and small, it has been underlined to us that CLIQ offers advantages that are far beyond those of a traditional mechanical locking system.

Our greatest challenge to date this year has been the hotel installation mentioned previously, but the CLIQ system and our team proved themselves to be more than up to the job.

Requiring 245 CLIQ cylinders, 1000 CLIQ user keys, 14 updater units and 9 key programming units, this was a project that needed to be completed quickly so that the client could start to sell rooms once more. In all, we were on site with ASSA for a full month, including the commissioning, training and two-week installation, which required bedroom knobsets to be removed, dismantled and cleaned, reassembled with CLIQ cylinders and sent back to the installation team to be refitted to the doors.

It was quite an undertaking, but one that emphasised that CLIQ is a system ideally-suited to such large-scale projects. The same is true of our housing association work and the aforementioned art gallery installation, but because CLIQ is so versatile, it is equally appropriate for individual residential properties and, as such, w’re keen to extol the system’s virtues to clients and customers of all sizes.

CLIQ is an intelligent electromechanical locking system that, due to its innovative design, offers countless benefits across the board. Its access rights feature lends itself to sensitive areas, particularly where health and safety is a concern and/or work permits are required, whilst its audit trail feature and the ability to cancel a lost or stolen key offer obvious advantages that surpass all other alternatives. The integration of maximum physical security with electronic programming ensure that no risk arises following the expiry of patent protection. This is just the start.

Making it possible to give one person regardless of location, anywhere in the world remote access to a room/building, whilst also offering the option to determine when an issued key will start and stop working (as well as in which doors) gives CLIQ a cutting-edge adaptability that we haven’t encountered in other systems.

It might sound like a cliché, but the options are endless.

It’s features such as those outlined that makes CLIQ appeal to us as much as it does. It’s for these reasons that we’re so keen to make it available to clients old and new.

Because CLIQ is innovative. Because CLIQ is versatile. Because CLIQ offers benefits to all. To different industries. To business and residential customers. To projects large and small.

Here at William Channon we’re proud to be working with ASSA Abloy and to be at the forefront of furthering an award-winning product as impressive as CLIQ.

Like to find out more and discover the benefits and advantages available to you? Please feel free to contact us, w’d be delighted to outline the options.