Ever given much thought to automatic doors?

Most people use them in one environment or another. But their merits – and the engineering skills required to ensure their successful (and safe) operation – don’t tend to be dwelt upon.

It seems to us unfortunate that automatic doors are, in the main, taken for granted.

But here, where our team see their benefits at close quarters, we couldn’t be more appreciative.

Just before taking our Christmas break, we completed an interesting project that required us to supply/install 10 automatic swing door operators (including all the associated safety sensors and access switches). This was our first such assignment. That there are more in the pipeline is something that excites us a great deal.

You see, automatic doors are as fascinating to us as they are invaluable to the general population. You might have passed through one this morning and not even noticed. Trust us, had it not been there (or had it been deficient in some respect), you’d have been all too aware.

In public buildings, and in private housing for the disabled and the elderly, automatic swing door operators and door closers serve a crucial function. They’re important in environments that require hands-free opening, such as operating theatres and clean rooms. For those looking after children (in schools and nurseries, for instance), door closers prevent accidents. Such functions. So effective. Not even noticed. Taken for granted.

They’re designed this way, of course. To serve their purpose. To aid those using them. To keep people moving. To keep people safe. To do their job, but to do it quietly. Efficient, effective and understated (a little like ourselves).

To use a line from Abloy, whose excellent products we’re trained to specify, install and commission, ‘automatic swing door operators and door closers provide an efficient, reliable, sophisticated and safe method of opening a hinged door’.

Think it over sometime and then consider this question: could YOUR premises benefit from automatic door operators and closers? Should this be something that merits further contemplation, please feel free to drop us a line. Our experts are always on hand to outline the options and discuss the benefits.

Here at William Channon, we’ve given much thought to automatic doors in recent times . . .

It’s our opinion that YOU should do the same.

* Interested in automatic doors? Give us a call on 0330 1005313 or use our online form to get in touch.