There are a number of special functions which are available for cylinder locking systems. When you choose the right system your door can give you even more flexibility, safety and protection. These special functions for cylinder locking systems can offer the following benefits: 

  • Varying access options
  • Greater safety in emergencies
  • Greater convenience
  • A longer service life
  • More protection from burglaries 
  • Special switching functionalities

Let’s look more closely at some of these advantages.

Access Options

There are times when you need to change your keys but don’t want to replace the cylinder. There are self-changeable lock cylinders available to address this issue. These can be used with three generations of keys to control access to a property for personnel or tradespeople. 

Classroom function

With the classroom function, security is a key concern and you are only able to move the thumb turn in a singular direction, ensuring that nobody inside the room is able to lock anyone else out – but still providing the safety that they can escape in case of an emergency. It can be used in conjunction with existing cylinder platforms, so you can accommodate it on new builds as well as existing buildings. 

Clutch Release

The clutch function is designed to prevent somebody on the inside of the door from holding the turn and locking key holders out. Insertion of the key in a clutch release thumb turn cylinder disengages the clutch, which allows the turn to rotate freely without engaging the cam. The clutch release thumb turn cylinder is suitable for a variety of applications, most notable the health sector. 

Greater Safety In Emergencies 

Ensuring occupants of the building are safe in an emergency is paramount. A freewheel cylinder for gear operated locks will ensure that the door opens reliably and easily in the event of a problem. Meanwhile, an emergency override key system will allow a door to be unlocked even if a key is already inserted in the other side. 

Greater Convenience 

If a key has been left inside the lock it’s still possible to open the door with a lock cylinder that has a key override on each side. It’s also possible to make unlocking and locking with multipoint locks more convenient with a cylinder that has a cogwheel cam. 

A Longer Service Life

Door locks can be damaged by dust, rust or frequent use but choosing the right cylinder can address this problem. A seawater resistant lock cylinder is an ideal solution for locks close to the sea, while a dust and weather protection cylinder will protect locks from environmental influences. Meanwhile, if your doors are locked and unlocked on a very frequent basis you can use chemically nickel plated cylinder barrel which will reduce wear and tear on the cylinder barrel’s key canal to extend its lifespan.

More Protection From Burglaries 

A VdS certified lock cylinder can protect more effectively from intruders with additional resistance to mechanical attacks. Meanwhile a Steel reinforcement shims version will supply protection from outside attack that meets DIN EN 1303 – Attack Resistance Grade D requirements. To guard against tearing off of the lock cylinder, a Sacrificial Cut lock cylinder will break off in the event of an attempted break-in so no attack surface will exist on which tear-off tools can be used. 

Special Switching Functionalities 

If you need to use cylinders and keys for special contact or switching solutions (for example, summoning a lift), a relative cam movement cylinder is the ideal solution. 

Furthermore, these special functions can either be used on their own or, in many cases, in combination with each other. So, for example, if you require a self-adjustable lock cylinder which also offers protection from dust and seawater while also ensuring extra protection from outside attack you can find a product that can meet all of your needs in one convenient solution.